Monday, July 24, 2006

Drawing of the 3…Wild Card Edition:

What a coincidence…the Twins play three games against the White Sox, starting today, and they are three games behind them in the chase for Bud Selig’s Only Beneficial Contribution to Baseball.

Expected pitching match-ups:

B-Rad v. Javier Vazquez
Gotta have this one

Jo-heezy v. Jose Contraras
Woah nelly! Hide grandma and the kids for this one folks, we’re in for a barnburner

Carlos (undeserving of a nickname) Silva v. Mark Buehrle
I’m betting Jacque Jones goes 0-4

I suppose you have to pencil in at least two well-pitched games for the Twins in this series, based on recent history…but it’s the whoopin’ sticks that will tell the tale in this series. The Twins’ bats have to show up in this series…I’m looking at you Michael Cuddyer. The Twins made a habit out of, while winning three straight division titles, punching their division rivals in the mouth any time someone dared to threaten the streak. But now the roles are reversed, and the Twins need to avoid a similar fate. We know this team is built on pitching…but I’d love to see Morneau out-slug Thome. And it’d be nice if someone would just plain slug A.J. , again.

Speaking of being built on pitching…the kid’s going to be just fine.

Speaking of speaking of pitching, like most teams in the race the Twins find themselves pining after more starting pitching. The oddnicity of it all is that the number one player they’d like to move to get that starter is…another starting pitcher. (Kyle Lohse, come on down!). Is it possible to upgrade starting pitching in the same deal that you’re attempting to dump starting pitching? Well…it has been done. But is a similar opportunity available for the proverbial “change of scenery” this year? Do they really need another starter? How about a bat?

One week until the (non-waiver) trade deadline…do you think the Twins will make a move?


Kaiser said...

Don't you think it's way more likely that they move Garza up than that they get someone who is better than Lohse for...well...Lohse. I think it's far more likely they get a bat for him. Preferably fruit.

Is Lee on the block? Haven't heard anything on that...

Why is Matt Garza's head so small?

Hops said...

I think Matt Garza's head is normal-sized...but apparently he has Fred Flintsone's chest.

I think they'll try and trade for a pitcher first, last, and in-between.

I think they like the way the club is hitting right now...and aren't sure where to find at-bats for people once Torii and Lew (boo) Ford come off the DL.

Hops said...

Oh...and Carlos Lee is a free agent next year, so Milwaukee's intention was probably to trade him. But now they find themselves in the wildcard hunt...and that doesn't happen very often.

I like Lee, but I don't think a team like the Twins (don't say small-market) can afford to rent-a-player like Lee. I'm all for trading for a big name at a high long as he's signed for a few years.

Kaiser said...

How about these two names?

Livan Hernandez

Greg Maddux

Hops said...

If you can get either player for a mid-level prospect...go ahead. But you don't give up guys like Garza or Slowey or Perkins for those guys.

Plus I think Greg Maddux died sometime in June and the Cubs have been using Kevin Kline every five days instead.

Hops said...

Stupid Ken Williams

Smitty said...

I'm a day late, but agree that the Twins will look at adding a pitcher first. I think they are satified with bats and would only look at upgrading if they could get a quality starting bat.

I would stay away from Maddux. We would be trading for lore vs production. Too expensive and too old. Livan is interesting, but not willing to give a top prospect for him.

If they truely want to get to the playoffs, we will need one more pitcher. Proven starter. Is Jon Leiber available? Maybe Kip Wells?