Friday, July 07, 2006

So I'm reading and notice an article about the Atlanta Braves. It pointed out how they will not be winning their, what, 15th straight division title. Duh. What pissed me off was the picture of four out of shape, Atlanta fans with paper-bags on their heads with some random blah, blah, blah written on each bag. Terrible. This is a perfect picture of the many stories I've heard about Atlanta sport fans. Not selling out Braves playoff games, not attending Thrasher games during their inaugural season, not caring about the Falcons until Mike Vick arrived (they did go to the Super Bowl in 1999, technically it was 1998 season) and now being embarrassed to be a Braves fan?? I would be embarrassed to sit next to any of those jokers. Buck up and support your team. If I were a team official, wouldn't want any of those guys back in the stadium. So, they should move. Go somewhere you will be loved and appreciated.

Next post .... Billy Beane you are good, but not great.


Hops said...

Thrasher's? You're mad that people in Georgia aren't attending hockey games? The Thrasher's are a hockey team, right? (I love pretending a don't know who Ilya Kovalchuk is)

What franchise's fans are allowed to bag their heads? I'd vote for the Hawks.

Kaiser said...

I would like to suggest a subject heading to your post, since you didn't provide one:

I'm Crazy give me some candy.

I'd say the Toronto Raptors and the Bush-less Houston Texans are both bag worthy at the moment. Plus, someone should put a bag over Sam Cassell's head -- seriously.

Hops said...

I don't think the disgruntled bag-wearing fan has any place in baseball. Baseball is the sport of eternal hope...every team thinks they have a chance in the spring (they don't). If Cubs fans can manage to avoid wearing bags...then Braves fans certainly don't have my support.

Kaiser said...

Even the lowly Royals have won something like 12 of their last 17. No bags in KC. Hope springing eternal.

I personally believe that Yankees fans should wear bags on their heads, but that's more MY issue than anything.

Hops said...

Interesting article(s) from about being "commish for a day" of various sports and pseudo-sports. Other than no bags on heads for Commish Smitty...what other baseball changes could be made?

I'm in favor of shortening the interleague schedule, and altering the format so that when a NL team visits an AL team the game is played under NL rules. (Which I presume involves circus midgets and lots of hand towels)

Kaiser said...

I love the NL rules in AL parks rule you have purported on numerous occassions. Keep on purporting.

To say the All-Star winner getting homefield advantage in the WS Rule is a steaming pile of monkey pooh is an understatement. I say the best record during interleague play gets the nod. I believe the AL is currently leading that "race" by about 50 games. Whoops.