Monday, July 31, 2006

This Land Is Their Land

Unacceptable to Twindom: Losing a key series at home to a team made-up of overpriced sluggers who sit back and play for the longball.

Slightly more acceptable to Twindom: Losing a key series at home to a team that appears to play baseball the “right” way.

Let’s face it…getting beat at your own game is much easier to swallow…particularly when your organization has been credited with being the “blueprint” for success. Strong pitching, tough defense, occasional hitting. (Remember last year…when we even lauded the hated White Sox because they finally came to their senses and embraced pitching and defense over hitting…nevermind the pesky fact that they hit 200 home runs)

And this weekend, we finally embraced the fact that this is not your mother’s Tom Selleck’s Detroit Tigers.

The most glaring example of this came early in the weekend, when, during Game 1, Jason Kubel attempted to bunt Justin Morneau over to second base. It wasn’t a terrible effort, but most likely heading for foul territory…however, before it could reach the land of the great do-over, Brandon Inge charged in, fielded the ball, and, with his body now in foul territory, threw out The Fightin’ Canadian at second. There was still much baseball to be played (including the continuing coming-out party), but that moment was when the Detroit Tigers showed the Twins that they are now your sister’s Tom Selleck’s Detroit Tigers…and they don’t mind dating Courtney Cox right up in your face.

By the time Powder had his 8th inning meltdown on Sunday, the division had long since been decided.

(Saturday’s game was dead to me…as I instead went to see Jolie Holland at the Varsity Theater…possible review to follow)

Update: (And here it is)


Kaiser said...

These Tigers are the best team in baseball right now. Right now, mind you. And while they don't appear to be doing this with smoke and mirrors like some apparently dominant teams of the past (ie. that Seattle 100-win team), I still can't figure out exactly how they do it. They are just remarkable Good across the board. They outpitched the bejeezus out of us they got that going for them...which is nice.

Just saw this on for the upcoming Twins v. Toronto series. Anything stick out? Everything?

Blue Jays vs. Twins
Thu., Aug. 10 7:10 p.m.
- Singles Night
- Joe Mauer Sideburns - 1st 10,000 Fans
- Wine, Women and Baseball
- E-Saver: $14 Upper Club seats

Hops said...

Are you implying that I'm single? Better watch-out...Mrs. Hops is a regular reader.

No action on Soriano yet...Anaheim in the lead?

Hops said...

'spose we better comment on the Lohse trade. Umm...hooray? Not much to a A-ball pitcher who presumably isn't in Ron Gardenhire's doghouse (yet). So it's an upgrade.

Is Wayne Krivsky getting the band back to gether? Everyday Eddie, Joe Mays, Eric Milton, and now Kyle Lohse? Am I forgetting someone? I assume Keith Atherton is the pitching coach..and Ron Davis cleans the clubhouse toilets.

Smitty said...

Reds waiver Mays the other day, so he's off the list. Reds have done a really good job reshaping the team. Got some solid relievers, didn't give up a lot. 3 1/2 games back of the Cards (who forgot how to pitch), they might be able to do it. Can't say they will be this year's 2004 Marlins, but they are good.

Will any of the "single" women in attendence even pay attention to anyone not living with Mauer?

What were we really going to get for Lohse? Is he really that good? At best I would say he was slightly above average. That was two 9-13 seasons ago. Plus last year was his best ERA year at 4.18. Get a good single A pitcher is we can package some other for Soriano? Speculation??

Ok, he's not coming here but he will enjoy hitting around Vlad.

Hops said...

How 'bout going after Carl Crawford and offering him a lifetime contract. Love that guy.

Just read that the Braves are shopping Andruw Jones to the Red Sox. I hate the east coast.

Kaiser said...

No comments on Wine, Women, and Baseball? Ms. Hops?