Friday, July 28, 2006

Final Salvo

As several members of the editorial staff will be sweating and hacking our way around several Mississippi River area golf courses this weekend, just a quick note. First, the weekend series with Detroit is downright salivatacious. Double saliva for the pitching matchups. I say we win two out of three.

Lastly, check out a great article on F-Bomb from USA today, as mentioned elsewhere too. A nice little inside look which answers some good questions like, "What the F were you thinking San Francisco Giants?" Here's my favorite quote:

"When we saw him in mid-April, I couldn't believe he was in the bullpen," Oakland A's designated hitter Frank Thomas says. "I was saying, 'If they got five starters better than him, I'll kiss your a—.' He's unbelievable."

Catch you on the flip side.

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Hops said...

I think the Tigers will find out that this Twins squad is a hell of lot more Siegfried than Roy.