Monday, July 17, 2006

Ghost of Dave Kingman to the rescue

All it took to shake Rondell White out of his maxi-slump was a little visit from the Gods of the Metrodome. The divine hand of Dave Kingman himself was seen covering the eyes of Todd Hollandsworth when, during the 4th inning R. White launched a lazy fly toward left field. Blinded by baseball history, Todd had no choice but to let the ball fall harmlessly to the turf* the nicest guy on the team a "double". So what, you say? It's only one hit, you say? No, no, no. Next time up for Nice Guy Rondell? Home Run. Yep, all three bases and home plate included in one swing of the bat.

And you want to get rid of the Metrodome. Fools.


Kaiser said...

I think a marsupial just extravasated from my rectum. Oh wait...that was a simian.

(copywrite: Wayne's World/Oxford English Dictionary)

Smitty said...

Weird. Love Dave Kingman references. If you go by the math, Rondell should hit like .400 to get to the .280 mark. I like it.