Friday, July 14, 2006

Kyle Lohse to front Fleetwood Mac

Rumors flying around that the White Sox are putting Freddy Garcia and Javier Vazquez on the trading block? What does this mean for the Twins? Well, other than a White Sox trade will likely strengthen their pitching staff (adding relief help) means the market for Kyle Lohse just got a hell of a lot dryer. Both of the White Sox pitchers would be more attractive than Lohse to just about any team. C'mon, Mr. Ryan...hit someone with your magic stick.

Smitty has threatened a "Billy Beane is not all he's cracked-up to be" post. Which has me thinking...should the Twins enter into the trade market with an asset that may actually be valuable to someone? Or are we just hoping they jettison dead weight? What happens to any trade discussions of Lohse that also suddenly include Juan Rincon? Does a team destined (we'll see in three weeks how destined) for third place need a stud set-up man? Especially a team rich in minor league pitching? The Twins appear to be primed for a nice little run...if they can tie-up some of the young talent that is showing up this year. So does it make sense to trade someone at the top of their game for a young hitter or starter from another organization? I think it does. No trade of Shannon Stewart or Kyle Lohse gets you anything in return...unless you add value. I being too Beane-ish?


Smitty said...

If the Garcia/Vazquez stuff is true, it makes it much more difficult to trade Lohse. I understand there are a number of teams (Mets, Boston, Yankees, Cardinals) looking for starters but not many good ones available. The Zito stuff is crap, he's not moving if the A's can still win the West. I doubt the Braves will trade Smoltz so the two Sox and L. Hernandez are the best available.

What would I do? See if I can get a solid position player (3B is preferred) maybe another pitcher but we "deep" in pitching in the minors, for Lohse. No sure where we can get this, Angels are stacked, maybe the Blue Jays or Brewers but I don't think these teams are looking for pitchers.

I would be open to hearing a trade about Rincon, but not really feeling a need to move him. Yes we have good bullpen stats, but that includes really just Nathan, Liriano and Rincon. Reyes has been good, but the rest of our righties ant nothing special. I don't want to become Cleveland of next year. I saw this coming for them, the dropped their pitchers. I really don't think the Twins have anything really attractive to trade, at least not for someone to help this year.

Hops said...

I don't think you trade Rincon for someone that will help this year. If you think you can win this year, you need Rincon. But I don't think the Twins are going to the playoffs this year (or next year?). So, can you use Rincon to get rid of Lohse, but actually get something in return? Maybe one of the Angels 3000 infield prospects? Maybe an above average pitching prospect?

The Brewers are rumored to be looking at Maddux...guess they think they can make a wild-card run, and they might be right.

Smitty said...

Agree. Only put Rincon in there if not trying to win in next couple years. I think they could be a playoff team if they get some veterans. If they stay status quote, it will be at least two more years. I would love to get someone from the Angels organization, but not sure they would take either. Maybe Rincon, no way they would want/need Lohse. Pretty good pitching staff there.

If Sheets can come back healthy and they get Maddux, I would pick the Brewers over the other possible Wildcard teams.

Kaiser said...

Why would Rincon be more attractive than Nathan? Juan is much younger, isn't he? Wouldn't a proven closer like Nathan be more attractive as trade bait than Rincon to people? And wouldn't the Twins organization be more interested in keeping the younger player who might even be able to make a transition to closer down the road?

On the Lohse side, why on earth would anyone want this guy? I mean, I understand through the myopia of local team fandom, we tend to have a skewed view of players' abilities, be them good or bad. The arbiter who gave Kyle A RAISE last offseason obviously saw something there. Are we so separated from reality as fans that we fail to recognize a players value objectively? Is this why the general rube throws out ridiculous trade ideas that have no basis in reality? Where does this armchair Kevin McHale tendency come from?

Hops said...


You're forgetting the "change of scenery" corollary that accompanies any athlete with talent not reaching his assigned full potential. Kyle Lohse could clearly win the Cy Young award...if given the right environment. Presumably one in which the batters are blindfolded upon reaching home plate.

(And I believe i'm on record of entertaining offers for Nathan...i was afraid to say that for fear of getting the shit blogged out of me)

Smitty said...

Plus, people keep giving Sydney Ponson trys. The Yankees just picked him up. He's never been even decent. Somebody will take Lohse.

Kaiser said...

At least Ponson has talent. Lohse has.....I don't know....let's say syphilis.