Thursday, July 27, 2006

'Nuff Said

There really is very little to add that Jon Gordon, Barreiro, Karl Ravech, Harold Reyn...whoops, John Kruk's testicle, Dark Star, Dubay, or Dazzle haven't already, so I will instead just lay here splayed out on my couch basking in the afterglow and fighting off an overwhelming sleepiness. And why is it that the Twins always want to "talk about things" afterwards? Don't you know that is seepy time?

On a good note, as a committed environmentalist, at least the White Sox bandwagon should be much lighter and therefore getting much better gas mileage after all the folks abandoning ship.

Other things:

Freaking steroid boy

Bat-Girl on FIRE today

A nice piece at TwinsGeek on a subject that Hops brought up sometime back

And finally, I just became aware of the fact that we still have 11 games remaining with the Royals. I think I just got "excited" again...


Smitty said...

I don't have time to read all that stuff. I'm assuming this is what as said: "Royals, DEAD, Sox, DEAD, Tigers, DEAD. We can build this dream together..."

Verlander is equally amazing as Liriano. This is going to be a great ROY and CY discussion. I don't want to hear about Paplebon.

It's like we're watching the Twins of a few years past with power and sideburns.

Lohse isn't going to be moved, let's face it. Who would take him? I said it before, Ponson still gets picked up. I wonder if Charlie Hough can still pitch.

I'm praying T Ryan doesn't trade for Tommy Herr.

Bring up Garza, don't trade for anyone and lets have fun in the playoffs.

Kaiser said...

Good ones, Smitty.

Love the don't do anything talk, but....heard some Carlos Lee stuff this morning involving Glenn Perkins and a sack of potatoes..perhaps just a bit more. Color me interested. What would you do with the White-Kubel-Lee trio at left field/DH though?

Hops said...

Rondell White is not going to play the outfield much longer. And he may not be on the team much longer, either. Aside from all trade speculation, there are some roster decisions coming up. Has Tyner displaced Lew Ford? Would Lew notice if he had?
Any trade the Twins may pull off will include either Rondell White or Lew Ford. My opinion.

Kaiser said...

I think Lew Ford's rehab assignment is going to be lengthy one. Like John Holmes lengthy.

Hops said...

Are you saying if it's going to be that kind of party Lew Ford's going to stick his dick in the mashed potatoes?

Smitty said...

Willy, Yeschick is already swimming in your dome by that comment. Makes sense, if a deal is done that one of the outfielders gets dealt.

I think Tyner has done enough to surplant Lew. Faster, argue a better fielder, can bunt better, doesn't play online games until 4AM (speculation).

If we do trade for Lee, there is no platoon. He is DH always. I say Ford and White are at the short end of the stick.

crystal said...

Wow, a girl stops by and is welcomed by Lew's penis in mashed potatoes. I love you guys.