Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tid Bits

A few things that have been stuck at the bottom of the notebook for today.

*Congrats to the Franchise. And let me take this opportunity to say screw you AJ. Punch AJ indeed. I'm looking in your direction Delmon Young.

*What was your favorite Ruben Sierra moment? "Injury-plagued" is the best we can come up with? Agreed. I'd put him somewhere between rivers of blood and frogs raining from the sky. Maybe a nice drought. Oh wait, we already have one of those.

I found a Barry Bonds rookie card on eBay. Check it out:

*Congrats to the A.L. All-Star squad. They just keep beating N.L. teams like it's going out of style -- in fact, they haven't lost in a decade. And eerily, three years ago, a Texas Rangers hitter won the All-Star game against an N.L. closer with 0 blown saves in 31 chances (heading into the break). That would be Eric Gagne of rec-spec fame. Hoffman had blown 1 save in 25 going into last night. Bang up job Michael Young.


Hops said...

Scott Baker was called up, as well. I think Carlos Silva is about to go on the shelf for awhile.

Hops said...

• Owners can't cry poverty after Major League Baseball announced its new seven-year deal with Fox, worth $3 billion, not to mention a few hundred million more to come later when the remaining League Championship Series is auctioned off

Amen to that

Hops said...

First trade of the 2nd half...Aubrey Huff from the D-Rays, to the Astros for two prospects.

Who's next?
Lohse? (Please!)
The entire Indians infield?

Smitty said...

I'm wondering when the Angels will get in the market. They have a bucket load of minor league and young major league talent, especially in the infield. Maybe they should look at Abreau. He's going to be a hard one to move, but if you've got young talent to spare???

I think they are giving Lohse til the end of July and a few starts. I think he will be back in the rotation soon (see Silva's ERA). I would suggest trading him regardless of how he does, especially if he does well in the next few starts. He's not coming back and I doubt they will resign him next year. Why not get something for him? Maybe a decend Double AA or A player.

Hops said...

The Twins don't need a fifth starter until next week...or so we're told. I would assume then, since they called him up already, that Baker will take Silva's spot...and Lohse or Bonser will get the spot start next week.

I'm completely in favor of trading Lohse for whatever is offered...mostly so that I can stop listening to people propose trades like "Why don't we trade Lohse, Eyre, and Stewart to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera".

Smitty said...

You realize they sent Bonzer down, right? Lohse is going to be back in the rotation.

When does Perkins get the call? Or Garza??