Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Minnesota Twins See-and-Say

Rondell White Says,

"It's on like Donkey Kong, Bitches"


Kaiser said...

I am officially declaring some sort of conspiracy theory involving the convenient disappearance of every Twins outfielder and Rondell's meteoric rise to the 9th spot in the line-up. He even got Punto when he had to briefly fill in for our letterhead favorite in center. Unfortunately, he may have gotten ahead of himself and may have to actually play outfield himself.

On another note, this just in:
24 and 77
It's MORE-neau, bitches.

Hops said...

Allow myself to introduce myself.

I love the Plucky Twins*. I just picture Punto running around the bases, singing to himself "You're the best, around...nothing's going to ever keep you down..."

Is any GM dumb enough to trade us a healthy outfielder for Shannon Stewart? Can any of the Knicks play outfield?

Kaiser said...

Oh. My. That is such a tremendous idea. I am officially salivating at the thought of Nate Robinson re-enacting Puck's Game 6 robbery of Ron Gant. Can Terry Ryan do a Kevin McHale voice impersonation and pull this off? I would also like to see Channing Frye at shortstop. For comedy's sake.

An excellent wrap-up of the Twins vs. Cleveland Indigineous Peoples over at Batgirl. She's on her game.

Hops said...

She's always on her game. She's a cult leader, for criss' sake. You can't have minions if you're only going to 'bring it' every once in awhile. (btw...i always thought you'd look good with minions)

Kaiser said...

Carmelized minions?

Smitty said...

Weird. Is it all right not to read Batgirl due to the infatuation you both have on this Twin's lover? Maybe I'm just afraid that if Batgirl met Smitty and she beats me in NHL94, I would be married.

I need OCB.