Friday, July 14, 2006

First half winners

Now that I've done my research, tallied my votes and looked at my baseball cards, thought I would put the first half winners and potential playoff teams together.


MVP - It's between two guys and I'm voting for Papi because he's team is winning and the guy means wins for the club in the clutch. I think Hafner deserves a look based on his numbers (seriously, look at them, slugging, OPS, everything) but Cleveland sucks. No pitching. Papi is so important to that team, the most important player. I don't want to hear about Paplebon.

CY Young - Two guys again and I'm a rube so Liriano is my winner. Completely dominate, leaders in K's and hasn't even hit 100 innings pitched. Plus, guys aren't getting hits off him. Leader in ERA, double digit wins, partial year starter, awesome. Please don't turn into Woods or Prior. Second guy deserving a look, Roy Halloday. 12-2, 3.08 or something ERA, awesome. I don't want to hear about Paplebon, too many awesome starters.

ROY - Well, if he gets Cy's award, he gets this one. I don't want to hear about Paplebon.

Comeback Player - I'm giving this to Thome. His numbers are insane, 30 HR, 77 RBI. Might think about Schilling, but people thought Thome's career was done, definately not going to be like this. Problem, he was in the NL last year, but who really cares.

Playoffs (AL)
East: Boston - I will not vote for the Yankees, plus their pitching is terrible and Matsui/Sheffield are gone. If they can get a hitter, maybe, but I think the Angels should go get Liriano and the Yankees got nothing in the minors to trade. I also think the Blue Jays have a better shot.

Central: Chicago - I think their pitching is better then the Tigers. Tigers guys just alittle too young.

West: Who cares, but I'll go with the Angels. If Harden comes back healthy and the A's remember you do have to hit in baseball, maybe them. Angels pitching staff is too tough, but the need a bat.

Wildcard: Go Kittie's. Tigers will make it.


MVP - Puljols. Means way too much oh and he's number are ridulous. Still leading in RBI, second in HR, over .310 average, OPS off the carts and missed 15 games. Wright is a consideration, but take him off the team and they are still winning a ton (see Beltran & Reyes).

CY Young - B. Webb in AZ. Double digit wins, under 3 ERA, been the best pitcher in the NL. He wins in AZ which is impressive. Plus, can you hit that curveball??

ROY - Someone on the Marlins needs this award and I'm going with Uggla. Putting up some rediculus numbers as a second baseman. 13HR, 51 RBI, .303 AVE, 57 runs, nice. Too bad Marlins fans suck, but I think their GM is a genious. Construct a team, win WS, destroy team, rebuild, win WS. Just think if baseball had a salary cap, he'd be top GM.

Comeback - Two guys deserve this award and because he has a higher average right now and is married to Mia, I'll give it to Nomar. He frustrates me cause I've drafted him the last two years, been angered by that, chose to not even look at him this year and he's good again. Big ups to Rolen. Back to normal for him. I think he's top 5 all around best 3B's of all time, but we'll go with Mr. Hamm this year.

Playoffs (NL)
East: duh, Mets. Bigger question here is when do the Braves unload some people?? Smolz, Chipper, Giles?? Now those are some players with value.

Central: I suppose the Cards. Better balance of hitting in pitching. Reds and Brewers wont be there and the Astro are in the same box as the A's, no hitting. Huff is nice, but he's no Beltran of a few years back. Plus, Clemens can't hit like he pitches. I wonder if Glen Davis is around??

West: Again, who cares but I'll go with the Padres. Dodgers are too young, everyone else sucks. If Bonds could hit, maybe the Giants.

Wildcard: This one was tough, but I'll go with the Dodgers over the Astros due to their ability to score sometime.


Hops said...

In your AL playoff scenario...I assume you meant the Angels should go get Soriano...not Liriano. I don't want to hear about Papelbon.

Hops said...


Vernon Wells

Cy Young;
Doc over the Franchise, for now

Franchise...not even close.

Comeback Player;
Mike Lowell

Michael Barret (obviously)

Cy Young;
B. Webb

Can i vote for the entire Marlins' roster?

Comeback...Gary Gaetti.

Pooh said...